Posted by: Stefan Anderson | April 30, 2013

Expedition to O Kun De Kun Falls

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This past Sunday Conserve School mathematics teacher Arjen Krijgsman led a group of 9 students to O Kun De Kun Falls located in the heart of the Ottawa National Forest about 35 miles north of Conserve School.

The hike from the parking area to the falls was about 1.3 miles long and students brought snowshoes to help navigate the late spring snow this year. They found the trail to be a mix of snowy patches and muddy ground. The day warmed up into the high 60’s and the snow in the area was melting quickly so the Baltimore River which pours over the falls was in full force.

One of the interesting features of the falls is that there is a safe area where you can sneak behind them at the bottom for a unique perspective on the rushing water. You may notice in the photos that the water looks brown. This is normal for early spring runoff.

I enjoyed hearing the stories of this epic adventure from the students and Arjen along with admiring their pictures. I hope you do to.

~Stefan Anderson
Head of School

Contributed photos by Maren Hurly-Matz and Arjen Krijgsman


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