Posted by: Rebecca | April 27, 2013

Expedition to Fisher Lake

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In 1871, an expedition headed into what would become Yellowstone National Park. The party included an artist, a photographer, and a writer, who documented what they found and reported to Congress on the area’s natural wonders. This expedition led directly to the creation of the world’s first national park.

On Thursday and Friday, Conserve School’s English and History classes combined for the afternoon to give students the opportunity to recreate this expedition themselves. Broken into teams of three – artist, photographer, and writer – they headed north into the Sylvania Wilderness under staff supervision, where they set about documenting the area’s unique natural beauty in preparation for testifying before a mock Congress next week. Two of the groups and I snowshoed to Fisher Lake, a small lake bordered by a bog, with student Jennie leading the way with map and compass.

Activities like this one, that cross disciplines while bringing the students closer to the landscape of the North Woods, are at the heart of the Conserve School experience. We’re fortunate to have both a flexible class schedule to make days like this possible and a wilderness classroom right in our backyard!

Rebecca Deatsman
Graduate Fellow


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