Posted by: Rebecca | May 1, 2013

Forestry In Action

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History and English classes often combine for interdisciplinary lessons at Conserve School because the schedule makes doing so simple. However, with a little reshuffling we made a different combination work this Monday and Tuesday: the history and environmental science classes combined for a field trip to a local property where timber was being harvested.

After using old-fashioned hand tools to cut timber in a previous history lesson, some students were expecting to find men at work with crosscut saws. Instead, they found a modern timber processor, which one student commented “looked like a transformer”! The powerful machine, operated by a single logger, could cut down a full-sized tree and slice it into logs in less than a minute. When its work disturbed the nest of a flying squirrel, we got the treat of watching it glide from tree to tree into an intact area nearby.¬†Master logger Ken Adamovitch, husband of a member of Conserve School’s staff, gave his time to answer student questions on his work.

After such a late spring this year, it was a pleasure to get off-campus with our students on a warm, sunny afternoon. At Conserve School, the community – both the ecological community and the local human community – are part of the classroom.

Rebecca Deatsman
Graduate Fellow


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