Posted by: Stefan Anderson | February 4, 2016

First Snowshoe

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On Wednesdays the school day at Conserve School ends a bit earlier than on other days. I took advantage of this fact this week to introduce a group of students to one of my favorite hikes. We began at the Lowenstine Academic Building (LAB) where we donned snowshoes and were joined by my two golden retrievers, Teddy & Copper.

16-02-03 Sylvania Snowshoe 13 Route 3_75  miles  or 6 mkFrom the LAB we traveled north skirting the shores of Little Donahue Lake and Lake Elaine. We soon came upon the campus boundary which is also the border with Michigan. Crossing the border we entered the Sylvania Wilderness Area. Upon entering the Sylvania we left trails behind as we bushwhacked to the shore of Big Bateau Lake. We continued north passing Florence Lake and eventually arrived on the southern shore of Loon Lake. The trip out was three kilometers, not a long distance, but the heavy snow made it feel much farther.

After a brief break at Loon Lake we followed our path back to campus. The trip back took half as long as the trip out because we no longer had to create a path through the deep snow. I was very pleased to see the smiles and on the tired, but satisfied, students as we returned the snowshoes to storage and headed to the dining room for a well earned meal.

~Stefan Anderson
Head of School


  1. Thanks for sharing Stefan – making memories already! looks like a lot happy kids out there! What a great experience!

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