Posted by: amynosal | August 27, 2012

Conserve School Attends Many Ways of Peace Papermaking Workshop

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On Saturday, August 25, 2012, a handful of Conserve School students spent the day in Eagle River, WI to attend the Many Ways of Peace Papermaking Workshop.  Led by Drew Mattot of the Combat Paper Project and Margaret Mahan of the Peace Paper Project Conserve School students learned first hand how to transform fabric into paper.  The process from cloth (much of which holds personal significance for the workshop participants) to paper is an artistically transformative process that can help heal and inspire.  It begins by chopping up the fabric into small pieces, and then running the scraps through a Hollander beater which breaks down the fabric into pulp.  Next, the pulp is added to water and once charged (stirred by hand), molds of wooden frames and screens are dipped into the mixture to produce the sheets of paper.  Lastly, the sheets were couched (placed onto pieces of cloth) and pressed with the weight of a vehicle.  Through this workshop Conserve School students joined the local community to participate an a celebration of recycling, creativity, and personal expression.


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