Posted by: Phil DeLong | April 25, 2016

Earth Week

Leading up to Friday’s Earth Day celebration, Conserve School recognized “Earth Week,” which included after-school student-led seminars on a variety of current environmental topics. On Monday Pixie and Sarah B. educated their peers on “Bomb Trains”—trains that carry highly volatile fossil fuels. On Tuesday Emily K. and Matt showed the students how to move quietly through the woods using “Fox Walking,” “Mountain Lion Crawling,” and “Deer Ears.” Students put their new skills to use by playing Red Light Green Light, Bat and Moth, Steal the Bandana, and walking blindfolded through the woods. After dinner, Katie led a group discussion on the environmental benefits of veganism, which including taste-testing vegan brownies! Wednesday featured seminars on hacky sacks and computer science. Andre and Marty explained the origins of hacky sacks, and taught others how to play. Alex V. shared about how new technology can help solve environmental problems. He explained how small computers called Arduinos can control water flow to plants to help with water conservation. On Thursday Grace and Maddy facilitated a seminar on round singing, and taught others songs about nature and the earth. We are grateful to all of the student leaders for the hard work that they put into leading educational, fun and engaging seminars!

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