Posted by: Stefan Anderson | March 2, 2016

History class is cool!

Lately in history class students have been learning a lot of cool topics including how ice has been traditionally gathered from Northwoods lakes, the story of the Children’s Blizzard, and about Ernest Shackleton‘s famous Antarctic adventure.

Shackleton’s adventure became an endurance marathon in unimaginably difficult conditions once the expedition ship became trapped in the Weddell Sea ice. As part of their studies, students re-enacted elements of the experience in order to better understand the hardships the expedition members endured, the skills that allowed them to survive the bitter weather, and the keys to Shackleton’s successful leadership — not a single member of the expedition was lost despite the fact that almost two years passed between the beginning of the voyage and the moment that the final crew members were rescued.

Temp Shackleton students

The real Shackleton voyage below and the Conserve School re-enactment above. (Photo below from the American Museum of Natural History)

Temp Shackleton

For a quick outline of the journey and more historic photographs that will remind you of the photos of our students’ below, take a look at the American Museum of Natural History Shackleton Exhibit website.


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