Posted by: Stefan Anderson | March 2, 2016

A look at Drawn to Nature

Class begins with “good morning everybody.”

16-03-02 Drawn to Nature Snow ShoesStudents gather around to look at each other’s water color assignments. The prompt for the week was Deciduous. One student is working on identifying a particularly tricky tree for a visual phenology observation.

Nancy is working on a set of mats Dyed a rich red brown color by using rust.

After this students have time to finish their hand drawings and mat them. Hang up Watercolors and their hand drawings in common spaces around the school. While Neil Diamond plays Sweet Caroline in the background the students chat about upcoming homework assignments like their stewardship testimonies and their Demons project in English.

As students finish up they start more phenology work. Nancy gave some great suggestions like Sap, Snow melting around trees, and great buds. Some students felt they would feel more inspired if they could have a brief trip outside. When Nancy gave the OK the majority of the group bolted outside for a breath of fresh air and a few photos before coming back in. Grant probably had the most trouble coming back in, and probably would have laid in the snow all day if allowed.

(Thanks to Teaching Fellow Darcy Hannon for providing this description and these photos.)

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