Posted by: csdailyblog | November 14, 2015

Resident Calligrapher – Rain

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One of the things that makes Conserve School‘s community so great each semester is the unique mix of talents that students bring to the school. This semester Conserve School is fortunate to have had Rain share an exhibit of his calligraphy work.

Rain has been practicing calligraphy since he was six, and was specifically enlightened by a noted calligrapher, Zhang Zing who is from Qingdao, China. When Rain was nine, he dived even deeper into calligraphy and focused mainly on regular script; Li Shu (which is an ancient calligraphy used during the Han dynasty); Xing Shu (a cursive style of Chinese calligraphy or a “running script”). He also spent time learning seal cutting and Chinese painting.

Chinese calligraphy is a unique, exquisite style of visual art. With more than five thousand years of history, it recorded and witnessed all of the cultural changes. It is the root of many traditional Chinese arts and Chinese culture. Many people have been introduced to Chinese culture through calligraphy and Rain hopes that through his exhibit he can do his part to share the Chinese culture with more people.

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