Posted by: Phil DeLong | October 8, 2015

Exploration Week

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Conserve School students and staff last week returned from their six-day, five-night backcountry camping experiences, which are collectively known as “Exploration Week”. These experiences not only serve as a laboratory for practicing the skills that the students have been learning in Outdoor Skills class, but create opportunities to enjoy intentional, extended time in the outdoors. Along the way, students nurture relationships with their peers, practice leadership skills, and revel in the beauty of the Northwoods. Each trip group consists of 6-10 students and two staff members, who together plan and prepare for the trip in the weeks leading up to their departure. Four of the groups paddled through the lakes of the neighboring Sylvania Wilderness, two of the groups backpacked the trails of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and two of the groups backpacked along the North Country National Scenic Trail in the Trap Hills of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Each of the groups enjoyed unseasonably warm and (mostly) dry weather, changing colors in the trees, and the “Supermoon” eclipse (most with unobstructed views from their canoes in the middle of a lake, or along the shore of Lake Superior, or from a vista in the Trap Hills). All would agree that Exploration Week is a wonderful way to spend a week of school, and that the lessons they learned are ones that will last a lifetime.

Phil DeLong
Director of Enrollment and Student Support


  1. This is fantastic! Do you mind if we share this on our Facebook page? We love to hear about students enjoying and learning on the Trail.

    • Please do share this on your Facebook page. We greatly value the North Country Trail, and appreciate the dedicated work of the Friends group (of which we are a member). The NCT is a gem that we’d like more people to enjoy!

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