Posted by: Phil DeLong | September 11, 2015

Weekend Camping

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Each weekend, Conserve School staff offer activities for students to enjoy, many of which serve as opportunities for our students to practice new skills, nurture relationships with their peers and the staff, and explore the Lowenwood campus and nearby areas. This past weekend, art teacher Nancy Schwartz and science teacher Robert Eady offered to host a one-night camping experience, which was enjoyed by twelve lucky students. Camped on the eastern shore of Big Donahue Lake, near the edge of campus, students enjoyed a dinner of pudgie pies, skipping stones on the lake, a beautiful sunset over the lake, and music, stories, and laughter around the campfire. After a night in tents and hammocks, punctuated by the calls of loons and coyotes, the group packed up in the morning, before heading back into the “civilization” of main campus. The attached photos provide a glimpse of the fun that they had.

Phil DeLong
Director of Enrollment and Student Support

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