Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 10, 2015

Sleeping under the Stars

One of the things that I love about living at Conserve School in the Northwoods is the darkness that allows for the viewing of a brilliant night sky. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the night sky is to sleep outside on a tarp without a tent so that I can see the stars and listen to the music of the woods.

Last Saturday night I shared this experience with the students of CS 10 by organizing a night of sleeping under the stars on the Conserve School sledding hill. Staff members Robert Eady and Annie Bussiere help organize and chaperone this event. The sky was clear and the occasional shooting star added excitement. Students fell asleep to the sounds of spring peeper frogs and the wind whistling through the trees. In the morning a wide variety of birds formed a chorus to welcome the sun with woodpeckers providing the percussion and a pair of low flying sandhill cranes contributing their distinctive call expectantly.

Please enjoy these pictures taken in the morning. Despite temperatures dipping to the low 30’s a good time was had by all.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School

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