Posted by: Stefan Anderson | April 17, 2015

Leadership on the Lake

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This morning I was invited by students in the Leadership class to take pictures while the students participated in a leadership challenge. The topic for the day was problem solving and the lesson was designed and taught by two of the students. The class was divided into two teams. Three students on each team were given special roles with one being a chicken, one a fox, and one representing a bundle of grain. Each team was also given a rowboat to use. Their mission was to be the first team to successfully get their chicken, fox and grain to the other side of the lake. However, they could only have one of those three things in the boat at any one time, and they couldn’t have the chicken and grain or the fox and chicken together by themselves on either side of the lake. After the teams formulated their plans the race was on.

After each team had successfully completed the challenge the class gathered in four rowboats. They read a short piece on teamwork and then held a discussion. It looked like they were having fun and learning some useful lessons.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School

Pictures from today’s class

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