Posted by: Stefan Anderson | December 23, 2014

CS9 Semester Celebration Weekend

This past weekend marked the end of Conserve School Semester 9 and the beginning of the next chapter in the lives of the 61 new alumni of Conserve School. It’s my privilege to share a bit about that weekend with you.

Friday was a busy day for students. They spent much of the day packing and cleaning up the Elaine and Donahue Houses.

14-12-19 n1 Packing Ruby  14-12-19 n3 Packing Chad

They also completed a survey about their experience, attended a new alumni meeting, returned all of their school supplies, and then got “gussied up” (as Kim Spagnoli likes to put it) for the Friday night Celebration Dinner. Students Zoë Stack and Naomi Orchard helped kick off the evening by reading a heartfelt thanks that they had written.

14-12-19 s1 Dinner Walker table  14-12-19 s0 Dinner Buffet 01

At the conclusion of the dinner students received their paddles which came with brief notes from the Conserve School staff.

14-12-19 w4 Paddles Lizzie Calla Will Alex Sarah Evan Zane  14-12-19 v2 Paddles Lucy Rowen

Following dinner the community gathered to share highlights from the semester and thanks in the Community Room.

14-12-19 x1 Highlights Patrick   14-12-19 Highlights Michael

Then it was time to head out to “Five Corners” for the candlelight ceremony.

14-12-19 Candlelight 04 from Rennicke   14-12-19 z3 Candlelight 03 from Rennicke

On Saturday the students were joined by their families for tearful greetings and for help in moving out of their rooms. After lunch it was time for a highlight of the weekend, the Semester Celebration Ceremony.

The Semester Celebration Ceremony began by recognizing the tremendous amount of community service hours that the student body as a whole had performed and by giving special recognition to the five students who had performed the most individual hours.

14-12-20 Semester Celebration Donelle Excellence in Service  14-12-20 Semester Celebration Service Cathy Zane

Students received awards  in the e-portfolio competition. (More about that in future blog posts)

14-12-20 Semester Celebration E-portfolio Phil Talya   14-12-20 Semester Celebration E-portfolio Phil Krystina

14-12-20 Semester Celebration E-portfolio Phil Jayleen   14-12-20 Semester Celebration E-portfolio Phil Heidi 02

Three students were selected by their peers to reflect upon the semester and share their thoughts for the future:




The celebration was enlivened by the musical talents of the students of CS9, click on the links below for videos of their performances:

A Musical Medley performed by Lange Navarro

Rivers and Roads performed by Ellie Brown and Henry Alexander

In the Land of the Northwoods performed by Rowen Lohmann, Calla Norris and Lizzie Runge

Low to the Ground performed by Heron Wing

Home performed by Talya Klinger, Hannah Rittman, Hannah Johnson and Ruby Krietzman

The highlight of the ceremony was when each student received the following commission:

On behalf of founder James R. Lowenstine, Conserve School now commissions you to go forward as environmental stewards who are committed to protecting the natural world, who value a strong personal connection with the outdoors, and who will actively share the values and beliefs that have been fostered at Conserve School for the betterment of all.

Pictures of the students along with a brief note about each of them were shared during the commissioning process. You can see some of those pictures in the slideshow below. (The music is from the last Open Mic Night.)


Thank you to the CS9 community for a great semester!


Stefan Anderson
Head of School

Here are a few more pictures from last two days of the semester.

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