Posted by: Stefan Anderson | September 24, 2014

Painting the Sky

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Some of the most exciting things at Conserve School happen outside of the classroom. Last night was an example of this. The conditions were optimal for photographing the stars. The autumnal sky was clear and crisp with no bright moon to interfere. These conditions worked to the advantage of students Heather Luedke, Ruby Krietzman, Jayleen Rossi, and Joe Faulkner who set up their cameras and were treated to not only some great stars, but a guest appearance by the Northern Lights. Using tripods, 30 second exposures, and low F-stop settings the Nikon cameras took some great shots. I regret that I was not on the hill last night and I expect that other students and staff may have taken some additional pictures. These students were the first to share their pictures in the community photo server.

Please enjoy the photos.

Stefan Anderson
Head of School


  1. I’m jealous. I hope to see the Northern Lights sometime on a visit to Conserve.

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