Posted by: Stefan Anderson | September 23, 2014

Dig that Dugout

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In history class students have been learning about the adventures of Lewis & Clark and their Corps of Discovery. Teacher, Michael Salat, never seems to be satisfied with just explaining the topics or having the students read about the adventure in the class text, Undaunted Courage. He always seems to find interesting ways to get them to interact with the work. This week, after the students practiced hollowing out a canoe from a giant log and making wooden paddles, he sent them out onto Little Donahue Lake in a crude dugout canoe. After experiencing the feel of paddling the canoe, the students couldn’t resist the warm weather and warm water so they soon found a new way to immerse themselves in the experience.

I hope you enjoy the photos that student Heidi Putnam and I took of this activity.

Stefan Anderson
Head of School


  1. Heidi, Great photos,continue the fantastic work you have been doing. FYI, the family has the second edition books by L&C and the Corps of Discovery. Purchased by your Great great great grandfather Haugen in 1888!!!!!Gramps and Grandma of Rudolph Lake, Boulder Junction,WI..Remember your trip out west with Grandma Martha and Grampy…Lucky girl.

  2. Amazed at how bouyant the dugout is.

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