Posted by: Stefan Anderson | September 20, 2014

Sylvania Pizza Hike – CS9

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This past Friday I invited eight students to join me and my faithful dogs Teddy & Copper in a stroll through the Sylvania Wilderness Area to Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. Knowing that the hike would last through supper time, we called upon the assistance of my wife Jennifer to order pizza ahead so that it would be waiting for us at T.J. Grizzlies. Hiking the 6.7 mile route took almost three hours. We followed trails on the Conserve School campus and then bushwhacked around Big Bateau Lake to Cub Lake. For the bushwhacking portion I gave cheap compasses to the students and poor maps and then let them find the way. We picked up a trail at Cub Lake that we followed into town. After consuming 3.27 large pizzas we walked 200 yards further for dessert at the Dari-Maid Drive In. At that point, tired and full, we made use of one of Conserve School’s Sprinter vans that Jennifer had graciously driven in for us and drove back to campus. A good time was definitely had by all!

One of the wonderful things about working at a Semester School is that twice a year I have the opportunity to share my favorite things about Land O’ Lakes with a new group of talented young adults. They always thank me, but in reality I think I get more out of the exchange because there is a special magic in watching an appreciation for things you love being born in someone else’s heart.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School


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