Posted by: Stefan Anderson | September 15, 2014

CS9 Triathlon

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On Saturday Conserve School History Teacher Michael Salat organized a triathlon as part of weekend activities. Students had the option of competing individually or as teams. Individuals kayaked 3/4 of a mile on Big Donahue Lake and then took to their bikes for a six kilometer ride on campus trails. After the bike ride they finished with a three kilometer run. Teams began in canoes and then one team member did the bike ride followed by the other running. Other students and staff helped organize the event and keep it running smoothly. A big thanks to English Teacher Jeff Rennicke for taking the photos associated with this blog post.

Stefan Anderson
Head of School

Conserve School is a semester school that  provides a semester-long immersion for high school students in environmental studies and outdoor activities that deepens their love of nature, reinforces their commitment to conservation, and equips them to take meaningful action as environmental stewards. Thanks to the generosity of Conserve School’s friends and its founder James Lowenstine all accepted students receive significant scholarship support.

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