Posted by: Phil DeLong | September 12, 2014

May the Forest Be With You

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This week, during science class, Conserve School students took a “field trip” to the west side of campus. As part of their study of forestry science, Robert, Leanna, and the students rode bikes to a part of campus that is undergoing a timber harvest, as prescribed by Conserve School’s forest stewardship plan.

Once at the site, students interacted with Ken Adamovich, the logger running the timber harvest. Ken gave a students a close-up look at modern logging practices and equipment, including a machine called a “processor”, which fells a tree, limbs it, and cuts it into sections of pre-programmed length — all in one operation. Students were given the opportunity to consider not only the “how” of logging, but the “why” of forest management. After observing an area of recently-logged forest, students investigated a nearby area that had been logged two season ago, to make note of the natural regeneration that is occurring. This first-hand experience created tangible context as they consider the benefits and challenges of managing forest resources.

May the forest be with you!

Phil DeLong
Director of Enrollment and Student Support

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