Posted by: Stefan Anderson | September 10, 2014

Gather, Grow, Go!

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Wednesday afternoons at Conserve School, students and staff dedicate time to Stewardship in Action through a program called Gather, Grow, Go! The afternoons typically begin with the students gathering for a presentation by a guest speaker who informs students of future college and career opportunities. Following the speaker, students are divided into four groups to discuss and explore issues in order to grow their understanding of themselves. Finally, student go out onto the campus to participate in service projects. Students are split into groups and work together as a team for the entire semester on a certain project. Projects include a host of diverse activities such as habitat improvement, composting, gardening, trail restoration, baking, and beekeeping.

This week students gathered for a joint presentation by Tyler Norman who is a part of the Beehive Design Collective who spoke about mountain top mining, and Carol Reyes who spoke about her work with the Dine people trying to fight against coal mining on Black Mesa, Arizona. You can read more about the Black Mesa issues here. They then broke into small groups for an exercise aimed at helping them grow their understanding of their passions and talents. Finally they broke into their project groups with some students moving into the kitchen to prepare food for exploration week, others heading out into the gardens, and still others working with the school’s tower gardens.

Stefan Anderson
Head of School

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