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Andy Milbauer heads West

Temp Andy

Andy Milbauer

Andy Milbauer joined Conserve School in the fall of 2007 and over the past 7 years has greatly improved our Advanced Placement Environmental Science program. Some specifics include adding an evening math support component to the APES experience and increasing our students’ AP scores each year. Andy’s work with AP Environmental Science extended beyond the classroom as he became an AP Reader and helped grade exams for students from across the country.

In 2010 Andy and Conserve School Science Teacher Robert Eady were awarded a $10,000 Toyota Tapestry Grant in support of lake monitoring. Andy also worked with Robert Eady to develop the required environmental science course that all semester students take and has worked hard over the years to assist with the development of the school garden and to incorporate gardening into the course.

Andy has always shown himself to be a dynamic and caring individual in search of new challenges. We wish him well as the next chapter of his life takes him to Greeley, Colorado where he will teach high school science, they are very luck to have him. Andy has told us that he is especially looking forward to skiing in the mountains and kayaking in the rivers of this scenic area.

Stefan Anderson
Head of School

Recently, I reached out to students for a few comments about Andy and his time at Conserve School. I have selected a few of the many responses to share here. I have also included some comments from positive notes about Andy that have been shared with me over the years.

 “My name is Andy. I have a kayak. With a walnut paddle.”-Andy Milbauer (remembered by a CS4 Student)

“You can tell it’s a freshwater whale, by the way it is.”-Andy Milbauer. What do you say to the teacher that impacted your conserve experience so much? Well, I would like to thank Andy for being such an inspiring teacher who taught APES so well. I couldn’t have asked for a better hiking leader with all of the camp singing (including patty lay back), lessons learned, and great memories created in the classroom and on Lake Superior. Thanks for always looking out for your students, we know you really do care. ~CS7 Student

Andy taught me so much and I learned so much about the environment and the effects that humans have on the environment. He is no doubt the teacher that I have learned the most from. He has touched my life in a wonderful way and I sure he will touch many more lives.” ~CS6 Student

“I am not an angry bald guy. I may look like one, but I am not.” -Andy Milbauer (remembered by a CS5 Student)

What a guy! Andy made science classes more exciting than I ever thought they could be. If he hadn’t been my adviser I wouldn’t be the confident, empowered woman I am today. Kudos to an awesome educator and fantastic human being. Good luck in Colorado! ~CS7 Student

Andy is such an awesome person and teacher, and I’m really sad that he will no longer be a teacher at Conserve. However, he’ll be thought of all the time by his former students and he’ll always be a part of Conserve. I am constantly reminded of all the things Andy taught us. I couldn’t have asked for a better applied ecology teacher or an exploration week leader. ~CS7 Student

 I can always remember his dislike for Smokey the Bear. ~CS5 Student

Fun Andy Story: (as best I can remember him telling it) “I went swimming one night on a lake that had a crayfish problem. Crayfish are nocturnal, and so when you look at the bottom of the lake it was like looking at a little army. Frightening, don’t you think?”-Andy Milbauer (remembered by a CS3 Student)

… what I had at Conserve School, I realize that I had something amazingly ground breaking. I’m comparing it to the Big Bang, it is that huge for me. You (Andy) were a huge contributor to my “Big Bang” experience at CS, and I just wanna say, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ~CS Alum

Thank you so much for teaching my favorite class this semester. I have really grown to appreciate science more, and have realized that science does have a lot to do with my life. Science isn’t my favorite subject, and it never has been, but you’ve introduced me to a part of science that is interesting. Thank you for that. ~CS Alum

He was not just my teacher, he was my friend. ~CS5 Student

 A few photos from Andy’s time at Conserve School.

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