Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 22, 2014

The Lady Yakkers stop by for a Paddle

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The Lady Yakkers stop by for a Paddle

Google Earth ImageIt was my privilege today to provide access for the Lady Yakkers kayaking club’s outing on Big Bateau Lake. Big Bateau can be found on the southern edge of the Sylvania Wilderness Area. Their caravan of cars, trucks, roof racks, and trailers followed me through the hemlock forests on the eastern edge of campus to the Conserve School boat landing at Big Bateau Lake. The vehicles did a bit of a square dance as they took turns in the limited space at the landing while dropping of the boats. Proper paperwork for the Sylvania Wilderness Area was filled out and sixteen boats slipped into the Wisconsin waters of Big Bateau Lake. After a few group pictures the kayakers spread out and spent the next 90 minutes exploring the lake. Finally, they all came together again at the landing and after loading boats, they followed me to the Lowenstine Academic Building (LAB). At the LAB we had a delicious deli lunch followed by a campus tour lead by graduate fellow Matt Norwood. At the conclusion of their tour I gave them copies of the pictures that I had taken of the group and invited them to return next year for another paddle.

One of my favorite things to do at Conserve School is to share it with others, so this visit by the Lady Yackers made it a particularly, “Beautiful Day in the Northwoods.”

~Stefan Anderson
Head of School

A selection of images from the day…

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