Posted by: Phil DeLong | March 27, 2014

Open Mic Night

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This past weekend, at the urging of students, staff hosted an open mic night in the Lowenwood Recreation Center. With a bit of furniture rearranging, soft lighting, and some snacks, the LRC was transformed into a welcoming setting for students and staff to share their talents. Students chose to share vocal and instrumental music, poetry, rap, improv piano, and even the rarely-seen “exhibition knitting”.

The evening proved to be not only a forum for sharing talents, but also a vehicle for strengthening connections within the community. Lexi shares some of her insights into the value of the evening, writing that “last Saturday CS8 had our first open mic night. That night we also had dapper dinner, where we all dress up for no prominent reason, so we were all decked out in our dresses, tuxedos, wooden ties, and suspenders. The attire and setting of the evening gave off a sense of a formal coffee shop poetry slam. Some of the acts included singing, rapping, poems, knitting (pretty exciting if you ask me), and group performances of various sorts. We also had tea, hot cocoa, and cookies. Everyone brought a mug and just relaxed with their tea as we observed our peers’ many talents.

“We had so much fun. You could see the faces of others lighting up when something hit home with them. (One) poem really hit me hard. (The) poem pointed out all the struggles that people might have had in their lifetimes. It talked about the breakdown of self-worth. It made me realize that I am worth so much more than I think.

“I teared up along with many others, but through this experience all of us grew closer. I could see us comforting each other. People faced their stage fright and some might have been out of their comfort zone by just watching the others perform. No matter if you got up and sang into the mic or you sat contemplating the string of words that escaped the mouths of the poets, we all grew bigger, better, and bolder.

“It really meant a great deal to me to connect on an emotional level with my peers. I could see that no matter how different we all seem, we all have struggles and we all can overcome them. I’m falling in love with this level of respect for my peers and this community. I’m really starting to appreciate all that Conserve has to offer, not only physically but also mentally. Hopefully, next time, I might test out that mic myself!”

Phil DeLong
Director of Admissions


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