Posted by: Phil DeLong | March 6, 2014

Weekend Fun

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Weekends at Conserve School provide students with ample options for relaxing, exploring, playing, and nurturing relationships with their peers. The beauty of the weekend is that students have few obligations, other than meals and periodic check-ins, but ample time for fun and relaxation, and numerous activity options. This past weekend illustrates this well.

After a busy week of active classes, Friday night is a great time to just “hang out”, do some star gazing, or play games. This past Friday, Head of School Stefan Anderson screened a couple episodes of “Sherlock”, while Graduate Fellow Sarah hosted a viewing of “Princess Mononoke”. On Saturday, a number of students rose early in the day to volunteer at a local winter festival, Klondike Days. Other options for students included a staff-led yoga session, a lip-synch competition, two snowshoe treks into the Sylvania Wilderness (one led by English teacher Jeff Rennicke, the other by Head of School Stefan Anderson), and an overnight campout in quinzhees (snow forts). The intrepid campers can brag about having slept in a snow fort in temperatures that dropped as low as 22 degrees below zero! Sunday’s choices included another opportunity to volunteer at Klondike Days, transportation to area churches, and ice skating at the Land O’ Lakes ice rink. Many students chose to explore campus, via skis or snowshoes, alone or with friends.

While not part of the curriculum, strictly speaking, these weekend activities are a fundamental part of the Conserve School experience. Like Jim Lowenstine, our students deepen their connection with Lowenwood, and more broadly with the natural world, by exploring and playing on the land. Students learn more about themselves, and about how to effectively interact with others, when they spend time with their peers and adults. By taking time to relax and play, we’re all reminded of the importance of stepping back from our obligations to refresh ourselves.

Phil DeLong
Director of Admissions


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