Posted by: Stefan Anderson | February 14, 2014

Three Bear Sled Dog Races – 2014

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This past weekend 32 Conserve School students headed out to the nearby Three Bear Sled Dog Races for a true Northwoods experience. This annual weekend of races draws sled dog teams from all over the Midwest, yet has a small-town feel because most of the spectators and officials are Land O’ Lakes (population 861) locals. The start and finish lines and accompanying smaller events are all set up on the elementary school and town hall grounds, so there are lots of activities packed into a small area.

The main events were several different types of dog sled races on both Saturday and Sunday. Small and large dog teams pulled both sleds and skiers, with adult and junior divisions. These main activities were accompanied by a craft show, a bake sale area, and fun events like the Mutt Races, the Barcalounger Race, and ice skating.

Students weren’t just spectators, but they also played an important role in assuring the success of the races. Many students spent time as trail help. They were spread out along the race course to assist teams if they got into trouble and to make sure that no spectators were on the course while the race was being run. Other students helped prepare and sell food to those in attendance. The money raised from food sales helps cover the cost of the event.

The video below gives you a taste of what the racing was like.

Please read what two of the students had to say about this event:

“One of the first pictures I saw of Conserve School was students volunteering at the sled dog races. The event became emblematic for all of the odd and spectacular events that would occur during my semester in Wisconsin. When people would ask “where exactly are you going?” most of the time my response would include, “oh you know, we do things like help out at sled dog races.” In my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri, this perplexed most people.  Attending the races this past Sunday felt like my real introduction as a Conserve School student!” ~Marina

“I had such a fun time at the sled dog races! This volunteer opportunity was so amazing and I would do it  again in a heartbeat!” ~Natalie

It was a pleasure for me to share one of my favorite Northwoods traditions with the students of CS8.

~Stefan Anderson
Head of School

Click here to see more pictures from the 2014 Three Bear Sled Dog Races.


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