Posted by: Stefan Anderson | February 12, 2014


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Conserve School art teacher Nancy Schwartz opens the art room a few days a week after school to allow art students time to work on their projects and to provide all students with the chance to work on crafts and artistic projects for other courses. This week Nancy hosted a valentines event where students were invited to come in and practice a variety of artistic techniques while making valentines for their friends and family. Included here are a few pictures from the event. Enjoy!

-Stefan Anderson
Head of School

During the Valentines making event I overheard a few students sharing their favorite pick-up lines. Here are some of my favorite environmentally friendly ones.

“Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Tea or Me”

“You are rarer than a panda in the wild…and nearly as graceful.”

“If I wrote you a protest song, would you sing it with me?”

“I just got dumped, would you recycle me into your boyfriend”

“I’ll bet you are an Environmentalist, because you are so eco-friendly”

“The average temperature haves climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since you walked in here.”

“You’re so cool, you can bring the polar bears back from extinction.”

“We are like two peas in an organic, locally grown pod.”



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