Posted by: Stefan Anderson | February 7, 2014

Eat Local

Scott with the Tower Gardens

Scott with the Tower Gardens

One of the things that I love about working at Conserve School is the variety of ways that we explore to live sustainably as we pursue our mission of inspiring young adults to environmental stewardship. This January Scott McFarland, Conserve School’s Director of Dining Services, assembled and began investigating how aeroponic based indoor gardening could work for the school. Three  Tower Gardens have been purchased and installed in the dining room at Conserve School. You can learn more about Tower Gardens from the videos at the bottom of this post. Watch the blog for future updates on this exciting project.

Fresh Lettuce!

Fresh Lettuce!

I was first introduced to Tower Gardens by Stephen Ritz who is a teacher from the South Bronx who has done amazing things with his students and school. By engaging his students in projects that grow lush gardens and rehabilitate neglected areas he has both transformed their education and the neighborhood in which they live. I highly recommend Stephen’s TED Talk from 2012.

Bringing fresh garden produce directly into a school dining room can be a challenge for some dining services. It is definitely quicker to use pre-peeled carrots, dehydrated mashed potatoes, and pre-washed greens. Bright red tomatoes with a shelf life of weeks make for a beautiful looking salad. At Conserve School we partner with Sodexo Dining Services and we appreciate their expertise and willingness to make Conserve School’s summer gardens, maple trees, and now indoor gardens an important source of the food on our plates. It allows our students and staff to participate in growing the food we eat and it tastes amazing!

~Stefan Anderson
Head of School

A simple description of how the Tower Gardens work

Tower Gardens at O’Hare Airport in Chicago


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