Posted by: Paul Lovaas | December 13, 2013

An Admission: We Love to Ski

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It’s finally that time of year again folks! The powder has fallen, the trails have been groomed, and cross country skiing is back in our lives here at Conserve School. This week all of our students had a special lesson in Field Instruction class designed to orient them to best practices in skiing safely, smartly, and efficiently through Lowenwood. After completing this introductory lesson, students now have access to Conserve School’s collection of skis, poles and boots for use during their free time. Suddenly, the far corners of our 1,200 acre campus are easily accessible again and that’s great news for most of our students, meaning they can visit favorite trails, lakes, and sit spots during the final days of this semester.

While cross country skiing is taught in Field Instruction class, the instruction is special here at Conserve School thanks to the expertise and flexibility of our staff. This week, Graduate Fellows and Field Instructors stepped aside and welcomed Phil DeLong, Conserve School’s Director of Admissions, down to the Lowenwood Recreation Center. Phil is a long-time cross country enthusiast and athlete. Though he spends most of his days in the administrative offices of campus helping to recruit and select the best cohorts of future students, this time of year you can expect to find him on the ski trails for any and all remaining daylight hours. Phil brings a new voice, fresh face, and refined teaching style to Field Instruction as a guest instructor. Both students and staff seemed to really enjoy learning from Phil about a topic that he’s so passionate about and skilled in.

Later this winter, and most years, you can find Phil and a few other Conserve School teachers and staff racing in the American Birkebeiner, the largest cross country ski race in North America! If skiing is a passion for you, or even if it’s just a new interest, maybe we’ll see you at the event. Until then, may your trails be smooth, your air crisp, and your winter full of quality time outdoors.

Paul Lovaas, Graduate Fellow


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