Posted by: Paul Lovaas | December 5, 2013

Extra Art and Extra Heart

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Creative, artistic expression at Conserve School has been spilling out of the classroom lately at Lowenwood. While many of our students choose to enroll in one (or all!) of our three elective art courses, Earth Art, Ceramics, or Drawn to Nature, some students make time to express themselves outside of the classroom.

Lately, several extracurricular art offerings have been popular with students at Conserve School. Thanks to the overtime efforts of Nancy, our art teacher, students and staff have found creative outlets like t-shirt tie-dyeing available afterschool. Whether students are enrolled in formal art courses or not, Nancy makes a point to regularly and frequently invite the whole community to take part in extracurricular art.

Conserve School’s mission of inspiring environmental stewardship is not lost in the wake of our community’s artistic activities. The other week, Nancy provided reusable canvas tote bags for school and personal use and invited students to hand-paint the bags. The result was a collection of sustainable, functional, and personalized art pieces that we now take into town on grocery runs and other necessary shopping trips.

Perhaps the most exciting and noteworthy extracurricular art event at Conserve School as of late is a student endeavor in partnership with Students Rebuild, a student-driven charity organization. Through the Students Rebuild Water Challenge our students this semester have worked to help provide schools and villages in Tanzania with clean, safe drinking water by making and donating paper beads. According to the organization the beads will be used as a fundraising tool and, “every 20 handmade beads will provide access to clean water for one person in a village.” Our students have already made more than 1000 beads and the number continues to climb little by little as every day afterschool, before dinner, or even during passing time, one or two of our students will take time to roll a paper bead and make a small, simple, yet important donation to a good cause – and let me tell you, the results are beautiful!

Paul Lovaas, Graduate Fellow


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