Posted by: Rebecca Rand | November 15, 2013

Climb On

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Some of the many skills that Conserve School students gain during their semester here on our campus are indoor rock climbing techniques and belay skills. As the cold weather settles in, students are taking advantage of the indoor rock wall at the Lowenwood Recreation Center that we are so fortunate to have on campus. Our belay trained and certified staff members are able to provide essential knowledge and skills on rock wall use and belay methods.  During their Field Instruction class, students learn rock wall safety, knot tying skills, belay methods, and a handful of climbing techniques. Students practice their team building skills as well by belaying each other and offering words of encouragement to one another as they make their way up the wall.

The Graduate Fellows are intending to open the wall once a week as an after school activity in hopes that students will continue to practice and refine their climbing and belay techniques. Rock climbing is an activity that hones in on concentration skills and specific muscle manipulation. For most of our students, it is slightly beyond their comfort zone and challenges them both physically and mentally. At Conserve School we strive to expose students to enjoyable and challenging human-powered activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, and canoeing. Rock climbing is a unique recreational activity which students can carry with them into their future outdoor adventure pursuits.

Rebecca Rand, Graduate Fellow


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