Posted by: Paul Lovaas | October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes and Healthy Communities

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Tomorrow may be Halloween across the rest of the United States, but our students celebrated early here at Conserve School by throwing an all campus, ”Northwoods Halloween Bash” this past weekend. Teams of students and staff worked tirelessly to transform the Lowenwood Recreation Center with lights, speakers, a few fog machines, and two-dozen student-carved jack-o-lanterns! With the dance floor and a student-nominated playlist set, our very own “DJ Woogs” stepped up as MC for the festivities and the night turned into a community-wide dance party.

Students wowed the staff with their creativity in costume design as part of our pre-Halloween celebration. As our student Services Coordinator Kim would say, the students got all “gussied up” and dressed to impress (and scare) their peers and their teachers. Many of the student costumes were kept secret until the time of the dance party which made for some impressive reveals. Costume highlights included popular movie duos like Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction and Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom. Other students managed to show their admiration for the teaching staff at Conserve School by imitating their favorites. Graduate Fellow and Field Instructor Matt and AP science teacher Andy were both channeled by creative students who were going for a less scary, yet still intimidating Halloween Costume.

For those that preferred not to boogie on the dance floor, a special screening of the cult classic Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn also took place in the LRC as part of the celebration. For those who may not be familiar, Evil Dead II is sophisticated horror movie satire that’s been praised for its comedic timing and “grubby, low-budget intensity” by critics.

The film, the music, and even the food at the ”Northwoods Halloween Bash” was all selected by our students and the result was a community-wide party that everyone was invested in. One might wonder what our founder, James R. Lowenstine would have thought of our pre-Halloween party at Lowenwood. The three hour party may not have taught our students much about being stewards of natural resources, but it certainly was a display of community collaboration and celebration – and I believe he would have been happy to see that.

Paul Lovaas, Graduate Fellow


Addendum: if there are any concerned parents reading this post, do not worry, trick-or-treating (and more costuming) will still take place like normal on campus tomorrow night.


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