Posted by: Stefan Anderson | October 29, 2013

A Visit to Ledgeview Nature Center

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The weekend of October 19th and 20th a group headed south to Ledgeview Nature Center in Chilton, Wisconsin to serve as volunteers for the nature center’s “Candlelight Cave Tours” on Saturday night. Students served in a variety of ways including adding a little bit of spook to the tours while dressed as giant bats and spiders.

On Sunday the group was treated to an opportunity to explore the cave system in more detail. CS7 student Miranda described the experience in her electronic portfolio as follows:

Bright and early Sunday morning, we went back into the caves. This time we weren’t wearing costumes. We were wearing clothes that we would get absolutely filthy. We started in Bat Cave again, and after a few narrow passages we were becoming more comfortable inside the caves. Each passage became smaller, and the guide was leading us towards the exit of the cave, nicknamed, “The Squeeze” the smallest room of the entire cave system. I learned to trust the earth while I was surrounded by rock that could crush me flat if it moved. I learned to trust that today wouldn’t be the day the rocks decided to move.

I also learned to trust myself. There was a narrow passage that ended going through a small hole at the end, no wider than the underside of a 5-gallon bucket. I was in the middle of the group going through, and I froze when I saw what I needed to fit through. I called to Michelle and said, “Michelle! Am I even going to fit through here?!” To which she replied, “yes, just do it!” I fit through with ease, and it was amazing. Going caving isn’t a normally on the Conserve agenda, and not many of us get to experience it, so this whole journey was magical. I became very close with more of my classmates, both emotionally and physically while inside the cave. 

I appreciated the chance to chat with Miranda and the other students who took advantage of this unique weekend opportunity. One of Conserve School’s goals is to provide students with unique opportunities to experience the wonders of nature and this trip under the earth clearly did just that.

Stefan Anderson
Head of School


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