Posted by: Paul Lovaas | October 23, 2013

Snow, Sports, and Staying Outside

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This past weekend, starting late Sunday night, Conserve School and the rest of the Northwoods received the first dusting of snow for the season! As you might imagine, even a light layer of powder transforms our campus in profound and significant ways. Students’ Eart Art projects take on new form and color, nearly every class from Ecology to History gets outside to appreciate and relate to our new context, and of course new and exciting winter activities become possible. In the few days since our first snowfall Lowenwood  has seen a half dozen snowball fights, plenty of sledding, and at least one snowman. As the snow continues to fly and fall on our campus be sure to check back for more pictures and updates about our adventures outdoors as we transition into winter.


Last weekend, History teacher Michael Salat spearheaded two all-afternoon community competitions. On Saturday, the CS7 Triathlon took place on and around Big Donahue Lake. Many students choose to compete, both individually and in teams in the race. Of course, here at Conserve School we do triathlons a bit differently. Instead of swimming our student athletes either canoe or kayak on the lake and our biking and running portions take place along our trail network around our Lowenwood campus.  As if the Saturday triathlon was not enough, on Sunday four different student and staff teams met on the recreation fields for an afternoon Ultimate Frisbee tournament. The tournament attracted student spectators and spirited competition – it also wrapped up just in time before the snow started to fly! All in all, it was an eventful, strenuous, and rewarding weekend of activity.

Staying Out!

Events like these – relishing the first snowfall and competing in outdoor sporting events – are just some of the things we do here at Conserve School to promote appreciation for the natural world, in all its seasons. After a semester at Conserve School we hope that all of our students have been inspired by our campus and by our programs in a way that encourages them to take time for outdoor play and reflection for the rest of their life. If this past weekend is any indication, then we’re well on our way to meeting that mission.

Paul Lovaas, Graduate Fellow

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