Posted by: Nick Voss | September 16, 2013

Guest Speakers at Conserve: August-Early September

CONSERVE CAMPUS– Each Wednesday from 12:15 to 4:00, Conserve School holds its Stewardship class, which is split into three parts. Stewardship in Action, Gather Grow Go (“G3”, formally known as College and Careers), and guest speakers.

So far, four guest speakers have visited, all of whom provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of green internships, college, and careers. Students are fortunate to have so much expertise and experience come right to them for an hour-long presentation. Students also get chances to make personal connections to the speakers: they are encouraged to ask follow-up questions, contact the guest speaker later on, or chat with them during lunch. So far, the mix of presentations has included current and local environmental issues, college opportunities, research opportunities, and entry-level summer jobs.

Heather from the North Lakeland Discovery Center.

Heather Lumpkin: North Lakeland Discovery Center – Citizen Science Coordinator

Heather Lumpkin, a former Conserve School Graduate Fellow, spoke primarily on her research experience in Costa Rica with the School for Field Studies. There, she studied the effects of various land use on bird diversity. Heather now works at the North Lakeland Discovery Center in Minoqua, Wisconsin as a Citizen Science Coordinator and Environmental Educator.

Travis came to us from Northland College.

Travis Moore: Northland College Admissions Counselor

Travis Moore, Northland College Admissions Counselor, discussed the many majors and opportunities found at nearby Northland College, and provided a glimpse of the studious yet fun campus life. He left us with all the pamphlets and resources we need, and even got a few students thinking pretty seriously at heading over to the Ashland area for a visit.

AmeriCorps & SCA Opportunities: Conserve School Grad Fellow Panel

The UWSP Grad Fellows have all had come to Conserve with pretty remarkable backgrounds. Nick, Donelle and Andrew all shared their experiences in AmeriCorps & Student Conservation Association programs. Nick explained the  Minnesota GreenCorps, which he participated in for two years working with raingardens, recycling, and sustainability outreach in the Twin Cities. Andrew spoke about his work with Ogden Nature Center, in Utah, working as an environmental educator with young people. Donelle took us up to Alaska with stories of her work in the  Student Conservation Association, studying salmon populations and getting acquainted with grizzly bears on the side. She also discussed her experience with environmental education at the River Ridge, in Tennessee. Overall the panel provided insights into some of the most immediate opportunities students have, either right after high school, during college summers, post-college, and as they begin to plan their careers.

Susan Sommer visited to teach us about environmental law and mining issues in WI.

Susan Sommer: Attorney, Sole Practioner – Northwoods Lawyer & Advocate

Susan Sommer, local attorney, discussed the immense complexities of Wisconsin mining laws going back to 2011, providing insight from her legal perspective. She encouraged students to take initiative in their own search for truth, through research and investigation of the multiple perspectives on complex environmental issues. If students are passionate or even curious about something, the best way to contribute, she advised students, is to dig deep through the array of opinions and decide for oneself what the truth is.

We’re excited for the speakers that are lined up to visit in the next few months, so stay tuned!

-Nick Voss, Academic Grad Fellow


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