Posted by: Paul Lovaas | September 4, 2013

Why We Practice Archery

As staff members at Conserve School, we strive to deliver the type of program that we believe James Lowenstine would have wanted for our students. After all, it is thanks to the wish and the will of Mr. Lowenstine that we have the pleasure and privilege to work in such a beautiful place for such an important cause. It seems evident that environmental awareness, justice, and advocacy were on Lowenstine’s mind when he dreamt up Conserve School. However, we also believe that he was concerned with the cultivation of an attachment to Lowenwood, a love for the outdoors, and a passion for responsible outdoor recreation. One of the many ways we as staff hope to foster this love of outdoor pursuits is to offer and teach extracurricular activities that James Lowenstine himself enjoyed while he was here at Lowenwood.

Archery is an activity we know Lowenstine practiced and enjoyed here. While we don’t bow-hunt on our property, we do maintain a small range with a collection of recurve and compound bows for our students to use. Our head chef, Scott, and all of the Graduate Fellows offer instruction in archery techniques and each semester more and more of our students bring their own personal bows from home to use on our range.

One of Conserve School’s fourteen school-wide learning goals is, “after completing a semester at Conserve School, a student frequently takes time for outdoor play and reflection,”  and I believe that archery is an excellent way to both get out to enjoy the environment, and also reflect on why we are here as students and staff of Conserve School.

Paul Lovaas
Graduate Fellow


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