Posted by: Rebecca Rand | September 4, 2013

Stewardship in Action

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Every Wednesday afternoon at Conserve School, students and staff dedicate time to Stewardship in Action (SIA). SIA commences with a segment called Stewardship for Life where a guest speaker informs students of future college and career opportunities. Following the speaker, students participate in on-campus service projects. Each student has the opportunity to give back to the community by volunteering their time and talent while learning a new skill in the process. Students are split into groups and work together as a team for the entire semester on a certain project. SIA projects include a host of diverse activities such as habitat improvement, composting, gardening, trail restoration, baking, and beekeeping.

This week students were treated to a presentation by Graduate Fellows Nick, Andrew and Donelle on their experiences with AmeriCorps and Student Conservation Association.  Students learned about these organizations and the opportunities they could provide in the future.  For their stewardship projects staff and students: baked treats for Exploration week, weeded garden beds, harvested onions and potatoes, removed a dilapidated bridge from the forest, created new compost piles, and improved Conserve School camping sites.  Other projects included opening bee hives to check for honey and adhering reflective stickers to prevent bird/window collisions.  Weather cooperated nicely and it was a fun and productive afternoon!

Thank you to Jean Haack and Emily Chase-Ziolek for making Stewardship in Action possible!

Rebecca Rand, Graduate Fellow



  1. What a great looking group of young adults!

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