Posted by: Stefan Anderson | August 25, 2013

Paddling on Black Oak Lake

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Today after Sunday brunch nine students joined graduate fellow Paul Lovaas, my wife Jennifer and I for a paddle on Black Oak Lake. We started our journey from the shores of the Lowenstine Estate, the up north home of Conserve School’s founder Jim Lowenstine. As a group we maneuvered the 29 foot long,  400 pound Langley canoe into the water. This canoe is reminiscent of historical fur trade canoes. The students will soon learn more about the role that canoes played in the exploration and development of the country in history class.

We explored the east end of Black Oak Lake, shown above in a view from Google maps. The wind was rather strong at times which made the trip more exciting. As we explored the lake we saw history teacher Micheal Salat having fun wind surfing in the distance. After we returned to shore a few of the students decided to cool off with a quick dip into Black Oak Lake. The temperature was 86 degrees Fahrenheit and I was wishing that I had thought to bring swimming clothes.

I look forward to spending more time on the water with students in the coming weeks.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School




  1. Love the canoe!

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