Posted by: Stefan Anderson | August 24, 2013

Taking to the Water

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This week I had the privilege of joining the Field Instruction classes for the Conserve Semester School 7 students. Students began class after lunch in the Lowenwood Recreation Center where Field Instructors Matt Norwood and Bethany Ricks began class with a discussion about safety. The class was soon outfitted with paddles and personal flotation devices. They first learned five basic canoe strokes on land and then they headed out onto Big Donahue Lake to try them out on the water. Students took turns practicing the strokes in the bow and in the stern of the canoes. I especially enjoyed watching them play follow the leader as Bethany took the lead and the student canoes fell in behind. Conserve School students come with a variety of ability levels. Some students have enjoyed multiple day canoe trips in the Boundary Waters or Canada. For others this was their first time in a canoe. Regardless of the ability, Matt and Bethany made sure everyone experienced success and it was gratifying to watch the more experienced students share their expertise with their peers. I hope you enjoy these photos that I took of these talented young adults.


Stefan Anderson
Head of School

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing
Half so much worth doing
As simply messing about in boats”

~Wind in the Willows


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