Posted by: conservealumni | July 9, 2013

Our Inspiring Alumni

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Summer has arrived to the northwoods and the Lowenwood campus. It has brought back the loons to the lakes, lots of rain and yes with that comes bugs. Things in the garden are growing. The tomato plants have flowers and are showing some new growth of the wonderful red crop.

Our semester alums are now 350 plus strong. Adventures, stewardship in action, awards, college acceptances, and exciting summer jobs keep them busy and active.  When I hear from our alums it reminds me of great power that our youth have today. We are proud to say they forever a  part of our Conserve community. While it may seem like only a short amount of time, they have grown to be young leaders keeping the Conserve mission with them in their travels and at home in their communities.

I have been back to my community of Bayfield recently and love to see our alums, whether it is in the local grocery store working, up at the BIG TOP tent, out at the sea caves in the Apostle Islands guiding, they are out there making a difference in their communities and hold their time at Conserve School close to their hearts.

Some alumni news highlights:

Hannah Siler, CS3 Alum is biking and building for her summer and you can follow her travels and adventures on face book.   Bike & Build is pedaling for affordable housing. Through fund-raising cycling trips, Bike & Build raises money for and awareness of affordable housing efforts. Our events act as a catalyst to build homes, foster the spirit of service, and empower young adults… mile by mile, house by house.

Vanessa Peters, 2009 Alum graduated in May from Fort Lewis College in CO with a degree in anthropology and has come back to her home in Bad River to work in her community. She is working on Madeline Island She is currently working on Madeline Island making sure there aren’t any inadvertant discoveries during excavation as they begin to lay down fiber optics lines for the island.

Maren Jostad-Laswell, CS1 Alum has graduated high school from the Alaska Pacific University high honors program. She has received her swiftwater rescue certification and is working at NOVA River Runners, Inc. in Alaska this summer. She is headed to Norway with a full scholarship for next year.

Greta Dohl, 2010 Alum and Erty Seidel, 2009 Alum All of us at Conserve wish them the best as we send our congratulations to them on their engagement. Erty graduated from Lawrence University and Greta continues at Lawrence with studies in anthropology.

Alex Noll, CS1 Alum was interviewed by John Noltner for his project A Peace of My Mind, a photographic and written-word celebration of peace and the people who are helping to bring it to our world. Alex is studying pre-law at the University of Texas and says she hopes to see her generation “write into law some of the positive societal shifts she sees” taking place in the country today.

Summer will go by fast and it will soon be time for freshly-sharpened bouquets of pencils. Conserve/College Connection will soon be posted to help our alumni that will be incoming freshman this fall find some Conserve alum family members to help guide them as they get settled in to their new school. Watch for it, and keep Conserve in your hearts.



  1. Nice blog and interesting concept. I wish I was apart of my school’s alumni and could be listed in cool activities such as this.

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