Posted by: DylanPHF | July 5, 2013

Newest Grad Fellows Hit the Ground Running

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For many folks, summer in the Northwoods is a chance to slow down and relax.  This is not exactly the case, however, for Conserve’s newest residents.

Earlier this week, a cohort of 16 Graduate Fellows was welcomed to campus, where they will be living, working, and learning for the next two years.  The Graduate Fellowship program is offered as part of a unique partnership between Conserve School and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  These men and women will gain experience at Conserve as educators, residential life supervisors, and mentors to the students, all while earning their Master’s degrees through UWSP.

In order to prepare for this journey, the newest Grad Fellows have been thrust into a busy schedule of orientation exercises and activities.  They seem to be acclimating quite nicely to their new home, though, and have already injected a bit of exuberance into what can be a quiet time at Conserve.

In a matter of weeks, these Grad Fellows will see their first semester of Conserve School students arrive, at which point they will be tasked with teaching the high schoolers wilderness skills and leading them on extended camping trips (among many other responsibilities).  As a way to impart Conserve’s outdoor tripping procedures to these new Grad Fellows, some staff members decided to take them on a camping trip of their own.  The Grad Fellows became familiar with Conserve’s extensive Gear Room before engaging in a forum on backpacking techniques.  A short two-mile hike then found them at their campsite, where they will be taking part in training exercises for the next few days.  They will no doubt return from the wilderness rejuvenated… and hopefully ready for another few weeks of non-stop training action.

Welcome to Conserve School, 2013-2015 Graduate Fellows!


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