Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 31, 2013

CS6 Final Thoughts – Kate



~This blog entry is brought to you from the electronic portfolio of CS6 student Kate Patronik. Conserve School electronic portfolios connect student experiences to the school’s 17 learning goals. Kate is from Huntington Woods, Michigan where she attends Berkley High School.~

At the beginning of the semester my goal was to learn about possible careers and colleges that would help me pursue my love for the outdoors. During the semester, my goal changed. I have been thinking about taking a gap year, and going out to do things that will give me good experiences. I think that college will be a more rewarding experience, if I have more involvement with the world around me. I also realized that I want to revolve my career around the environment and the outdoors. I was hoping to learn more about possible options for careers, but I think I still have learned a good deal of information that I can use throughout the rest of my life.

Painting boards for the Land  O' Lakes ice rink

Painting boards for the Land O’ Lakes ice rink

After Conserve, I think I will be able to use the knowledge I have learned to help make my community more environmentally friendly. I hope to volunteer more often at county and state parks, and make the area I live, a “greener” place to live. I have also become a better steward to the community, and have improved on my outdoor skills. There are many ways that these can help me in the future. For example, I can use my outdoor skills to lead outdoor trips, and teach kids skills.

A big reason that I came to Conserve School was because I love being outdoors; hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and camping. These are things that I hope to stay involved in after Conserve, and hopefully more avidly than I did before I came here. There are many opportunities at home for me to continue all these activities. I hope to try new outdoor activities as well as continuing with old activities.

Conserve has been a great experience, and has taught me many things that I hope to use throughout the rest of my life. This has been a great semester, and I think that there are many things I will be able to teach other people so that they can be better stewards as well.

~Kate Patronik, Conserve School Semester 6

More photos from Kate’s semester at Conserve School.

Visit the Conserve School website to learn more about this unique semester school in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.



  1. We love and miss you, Kate!! So glad you were able to have this amazing experience. You are truly an amazing young woman. Hope to see you soon and hear all about what you learned when you get home.

    The Kalts

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