Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 30, 2013

CS6 Final Thoughts – Emma



~This blog entry is brought to you from the electronic portfolio of CS6 student Emma Anderson. Conserve School electronic portfolios connect student experiences to the school’s 17 learning goals. Emma Anderson is from Watertown, Wisconsin where she attends Watertown High School.~

When I first arrived on the conserve School Campus I didn’t know what to expect except that I wanted to learn more about ecology. I learned so much more.

Conservation and ecology are some of the key foundations that Conserve is built on. All my classes revolve around spending time in the great outdoors. Due to all these hours spent in the great outdoors my love for ecology has grown because my knowledge of it has. I have also grown a great love for the great outdoors. In Watertown, Wisconsin we do not have wilderness in such the majestic magnitude that Conserve School campus does. This was a truly thrilling experience.

Conserve School FamilyBeing able to explore nature in school is amazing, especially when it is done with family. The Family I have made here is so tight knit. After my sister attended CS2 she said that she had become so close to her friends, I didn’t believe that would actually happen, it did. Growing into family has also built my confidence and a goal I didn’t know had at the beginning of the year, but I have accomplished, is growing my confidence, and independence. These two virtues are going to help me in the future. Getting job interviews, and applying for job opportunities is easier when you are confident.

I know that because of Conserve I am a better person, and that I appreciate the great outdoors more.

~Emma Anderson, Conserve School Semester 6

More photos from Emma’s semester at Conserve School.


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