Posted by: juliadodd | May 23, 2013

Community Stewardship Day

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At Conserve School, each day flies rapidly by like a peregrine falcon swooping for her next meal. Students are consumed in the practical emersion of their studies, weekend activities to beautiful and interesting locales, and afternoon games of soccer and Frisbee. With everything constantly happening, sometimes it is nice to just stop and appreciate the community that Conserve School is within. To show appreciation for Land O’Lakes and the surrounding areas, students spent an entire school day giving back.

Last week, Conserve School students took to the streets of Land O’Lakes or to the trails of the surrounding forests to volunteer. On Wednesday, May 15th, you could find Conserve members painting the walls of the Land O’Lakes ice rink, helping to control the invasive honeysuckle, cleaning up litter along the highway, preparing the library garden, landscaping the chamber of commerce grounds, and much more. The day was very successful and the community was very appreciative. It is truly amazing how much can be accomplished when everyone works together for the good of the community…and it was fun!


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