Posted by: Leanna | May 21, 2013

An Afternoon on the Lake

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We were starting to doubt the day would come, but at last it has!  The students are finally out on the lake!  After enjoying an early “ice-out” last year in mid-March, it seemed like this year’s spring was never coming.  Earlier in May, Field Instruction took a trip to a local high school in order to get swim testing and t-rescues in on time.  But now, thanks to the warm weather, the lakes have finally opened up and Field Instruction is able to take advantage of Big Donahue Lake right next to the recreation center (commonly refered to as the LRC).

Today in Field Instruction the students are continuing to practice their canoeing skills.  They are using this afternoon to sharpen some of their skills at the different paddle strokes, turning, canoeing in a straight line, and improving their canoeing teamwork.  Later this week, the History and English classes will be paddling a five lake loop in the Sylvania Wilderness Area, so it’s good to get some canoe practice in now.  The students who are going on a canoe trip for Exploration Week also used this time to practice their canoe skills with others from their group.

You’ll notice the sky in the pictures is overcast, thankfully the rain held off so the students could enjoy the afternoon out on the lake!



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