Posted by: Stefan Anderson | May 10, 2013

Going Solo CS6

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This past Wednesday and Thursday , CS6 students took part in one of the highlights of the Conserve School semester experience, the solo camp-out.

For solos, students are broken up into groups of six to eight students, each of which is assigned one or two staff members and an area of campus with several individual campsites spread out within it as well as one larger “base camp” campsite. The adults stay at the base camp and check on the solo-ists periodically, using a messaging system to make sure that students are okay without interrupting their solos. If a student doesn’t leave the designated message at the appointed time and place, the staff member investigates further. (The usual reason for a student failing to leave an “all is well” signal is that they have fallen asleep.)

The first night all students elected to camp out on their own. (We encourage all students to do so, but solos are challenge by choice, so occasionally students will choose to stay at the “base camp” with a staff member, and everyone respects that choice.) On the second night, students can choose to have a second overnight on their own or to join others at their base camp for dinner, a campfire with some debriefing activities, and a group camp-out.

A big thank you to Cathy Palmer, our Director of Outdoor Programs, for another successful solo camping experience.

Check out our Facebook page for even more photos of this special Conserve School experience.


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