Posted by: juliadodd | April 24, 2013

Earth Day Celebration Conserve School Style

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Although every day at Conserve School is a celebration of the Earth, April 22nd was made special with a full day of Earth-themed activities.  Students did not have a normal class schedule, but instead transitioned through different workshops learning a variety of sustainable activities.

Earth Day actually kicked off on Sunday at dinner when students were treated to a special menu of various foods from around the globe.  After a pleasant slumber in the peaceful northwoods, Monday morning started bright and early with an inspirational lecture by Conserve School’s English teacher, Jeff Rennicke.  With the conservation fire sparked, students began their first workshop.  With too many options to list, some workshops students could attend included making dreamcatchers, homemade laundry soap, cookie cutters, bee houses, and learning about butterflies and ethnobotany.  The workshops were mostly taught by Conserve School staff members, but some had special guests, such as Debbie Jircik from the Many Ways of Peace Center in Eagle River, WI who taught students about urban and container gardening.

As if the fine dining and eco-workshops were not enough, students were treated to a drum circle offered by local Native American tribe members.  The guests shared their culture, connection to the Earth, and students had the opportunity to share in traditional dancing around the drum circle.  A video of this event can be viewed at:

The entire event was organized by graduate fellow Heather Lumpkin, with the help of other Conserve School staff members and was a great success.  After everything was over, all involved could rest easier knowing that there are sixty three young people who will soon purge forth into this world on a mission to aid and protect our Earth.


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