Posted by: csdailyblog | April 21, 2013

Day of Silence – 2013

From one of our students…

13-04-19 Day of Silence buttons
Suppressed giggles and little talk filled the cafeteria on Friday, as most of the student body was participating in Day of Silence.

Day of Silence is a national holiday to bring awareness to people who feel that they can’t speak out about their sexual orientation or gender identity. People also recognize those that can no longer speak due to suicide because they were bullied.

Students at Conserve School were silent between 7:45 and 4. Most teachers were understanding of why students were participating and allowed students to be silent in class. Others felt that Day of Silence was not a reason to disrupt their lesson plan.

Limiting all communication was suggested by Anika at an interest meeting on Thursday. “This isn’t just a game to see how long you can go without talking. We’re doing this for a reason. Don’t text each other. Don’t pass notes.”

Friday morning, many grad fellows assured me that if not for their graduate project presentations, they would be silent. I offered them buttons that Miguel and Erin B. had made that said “Speak out with your silence, Day of Silence 2013” thanking them for supporting us anyways.

I was surprised by how many students participated in Day of Silence at Conserve. My first class, which was Advanced Placement Environmental Science with a lecture on AIDS, only 3 out of 16 students were talking. In my second class, there were about the same. My third class, all 7 students were silent. I have never seen that much support before. It was inspiring to see how much Conserve kids care.

Sequoia Young
Student Conserve School Semester 6


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