Posted by: Leanna | April 16, 2013

Just another lesson in the Northwoods!

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Today’s History lesson invoked the quintessential essence of the Northwoods, splitting wood.  Waiting for the students on their classroom desks were a hard hat and a pair of safety glasses.  History teacher, Michael Salat began the lesson with a reading on the historical environmental impacts of logging in Wisconsin and the ecological impacts of burning wood as a fuel source.  With these readings as the focus for this lesson, students headed down to the recreation center (LRC) for the practical portion of the lesson.

Once gathered outside the LRC, Michael went over the safety procedures for wood splitting.  Another reading was passed out, this one about ‘how to split wood’.  As the students took turns reading, Michael demonstrated what the authors of the article were describing.  After the reading concluded, it was the students’ turn.  They broke themselves up between the four different wood splitting stations and proceeded to cheer each other on.  It was a fun and satisfying lesson for all involved.  The students got to learn a new skill, blow off some steam, and have provided themselves with firewood for once the snow melts.


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