Posted by: Rebecca | March 28, 2013

A Visit to Earth Art and Ceramics

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Yesterday morning I stopped by one of the school’s two art studios, where both the Earth Art and Ceramics classes were at work in two different areas of the room, getting a little more time in on their current projects before the start of spring break. Earth Art was working on paste printing, which teacher Nancy Schwartz described as “finger painting for grown-ups.” This involved painting thick, colored paste onto sheets of moistened paper and then using utensils such as forks and combs to create designs in it. Meanwhile, the Ceramics students, under the guidance of teacher Robert Eady, were working on their place settings – each student creates a set of dishes that they will use at a special lunch after break.

We encourage students at Conserve School to try and fit one of our three art electives (the third is Drawn to Nature) into their schedule even if they don’t think of themselves as having a lot of artistic talent before they come here. Robert and Nancy are firm believers that everyone is capable of producing beautiful art projects, and their students’ work, which is often on display throughout the academic building, attests to this. Students create illustrated nature journals, make snow sculptures of famous environmentalists, and more, with 1200 acres of beautiful Lowenwood wilderness for inspiration!

Rebecca Deatsman
Graduate Fellow


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