Posted by: juliadodd | March 27, 2013

A Really Cool Film Festival in Field Instruction

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The Conserve School Field Instruction Class sponsored the second ever Cool Things in Nature Film Festival on Monday and Tuesday.  The film festival was the result of the students’ midterm project, where they were asked to make a three to five minute instructional video highlighting a skill learned in class.  In addition, the students were to include information on how they could use this skill to find a cool thing in nature and include educational facts qualifying its coolness.

Cool Things in Nature (CTiN) is a series of short, educational, and entertaining videos highlighting different members of nature with the mission of inspiring viewers to go outside and explore.  CTiN was created in 2010 by graduate fellow, Julia Dodd, and the extraordinary Maine naturalist, Jessica Woodend.  Since its birth, Cool Things in Nature and its hosts have brought viewers across the United States sharing the coolness of such topics as clams, trees, dolphins, amoebas that live in desert hot springs, porcupines, and many more.  In 2012, CTiN even brought fans an ecosode (name of a CTiN video) from New Zealand.  The creators of Cool Things in Nature are not interested in being the only hosts, but want to share the spotlight and recruit a host of hosts from around the world.  Bringing CTiN to Field Instruction initiated sixty three new Cool Things in Nature celebrity hosts.

All of the ecosodes the CS6 students created were phenomenal with skill topics ranging from cross-country skiing to sledding and cool topics ranging from snow to porcupines.  It was clear with their well-crafted scripts and careful editing that the students took pride in their assignment.  Cool Things in Nature was honored to receive such brilliant submissions.  In the near future, a student ecosode tab will be created on the website, and all will be able to view these exquisite videos.  If you “Like” Cool Things in Nature on Facebook, you will receive an update when that tab becomes available.  Until then, Be Cool Like Nature!


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